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eco hacking the future_POC21 INNOVATION CAMP
via POC21

POC21 is an innovation camp to prototype the fossil free, zero waste society. 100+ makers, designers, engineers, scientists and geeks will join forces for five immersive weeks in a stunning french castle. Their ultimate goal: Overcome our destructive consumer culture and make open-source, sustainable products the new normal.


Climate change and resource depletion represent a dire threat to our ecosystems, our societies and economies. Scientists say our civilization is nearing collapse, unless we operate a swift and radical transition toward a low-carbon and low-resource economy.

Next december, twenty thousand diplomats will converge toward Paris for COP21, the 21st U.N. climate summit, in what is announced as yet another very last chance to save us all. But over the last 20 summits of this kind, the worldwide CO2 emissions have in fact doubled.

Solutions have been studied and talked about exhaustingly, but our problem is not the knowledge about how to build a better world: it’s to make people feel and experience the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (Charles Eisenstein).

So instead of a Conference Of Parties, we propose a Proof Of Concept: A proof of concept of the disruptive impact that collaborative production, open source and the maker movement can have on mainstreaming the means of sustainable living.

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